I Am God of David, Solomon, Jerusalem

I Am, Was, and Will Be The Preserver of David

I Am  Pestilence for the Wicked

I Am Mercy and Stay Anger Directed at the Disobedient

I Am Pleased by the Honesty of Humility and Repentance

I Am God of the Threshing Floor of Ornan the Jebusite

I Am the God of Solomon Who Built My Temple

I Am God of Jerusalem and the Vine of Judah and Israel

I Am Jesus, and My Blood Gives Mercy to My Branches


I Chronicles 21: 15 / The Holy Bible KJV/

II Chronicles 3:1/ The Holy Bible- KJV/ Bible Gateway




I Am El Shaddai, I Am Yahweh

I Am El Shaddai

I Am the “God of the Mountain”

I Am the “God of the Plains”

I Am the “God of the Valley”

I Am the “God of the Oceans and Rivers”

I Am Jesus Who Told the Wind and Waters, “BE STILL!”

I Am YHWH,  Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh

I Am God Over Judah

I Am God Over Israel

I Am God Over Syria, Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia

I Am God Over the United Nations

I Am God Over Egypt and Allowed Pharaoh-nechoh to Send Josiah to Me

I Am Righteousness and I Am Mercy

I Am Wrath When Mercy Is Taken for Granted

I Am God of the Passover

I Am the God of the Covenant

I Am the New Covenant, the Blood of the Lamb



II Kings 23/ The Holy Bible, New International Version/ Bible Gateway

Hebrews 8: 6-13/ Bible.org

I Am Your Strength

I Am Your Strength and through Me, You can do all things

I Am Mightier than All Earthly Weaponry

I Am the Creator of the Strong Nuclear Force

I Am with You, and You Should Not Fear

I Am Profound Knowledge, I Am the Word

I Am God, Be of Good Courage

I Am Your Hope and Your Future

I Am the God of Jehoshaphat, Elijah, and Elisha

I Am the Lion of Judah


II Kings 2: 14/ Holy Bible KJV/ Bible Gateway

Strong Nuclear Force/ Aether.LBL.gov


I Am the God of Elijah

I Am the God of Elijah and Blessed the Obedient Widow of Zarepath

I Am Righteous and Smote Israel and Judah for Their Iniquities

I Am a Jealous God and Do Not Permit the Worship of False gods

I Am He Who Shamed the prophets of Baal and Guided Elijah’s Sword

I Am the God of Covenant

I Am the God of Manna and of Living Water



I Kings 18/ The Holy Bible/ Bible Gateway

I Am the Almighty God of Judah

I Am Who Chose David from Among the Sons of Jesse

I Am the God of Obed and Ruth

I Am the Deliverer of Ahinoam and Abigail, as I Heard the Cries of My People

I Am the the Strength of Samson

I Am the Peaceful Psalm and Military Genius of David

I Am the Wisdom of  Solomon

I Am King of Kings, and Israel and Judah are My People

I Am the Word, and Became Flesh in the City of David

I Am Ruler Over the New Jerusalem



1 Samuel 30: 4-6/  The Holy Bible/ KJV/  Bible Gateway


I Am God of Those Who Seek Me

I Am the God of Abraham

I Am the God of Ruth, Who Rejected the false gods of her people

I Am the Lord Over Bethlehem, where Ruth Returned with Naomi

I Am the Restorer of All Who Seek Me as I Tied Ruth of Moab into My Vine

I Am Lord Over Boaz, Whom I Blessed with Obed

I Am God of My Servant David, Son of Jesse, Son of Obed, Whose Mother was Ruth

I Am the Restorer of Israel, and of all Sojourners Who Seek My Face

I Am the Hearer of those Who Cry Out to Me, as I Honored Hannah’s Prayer

I Am God of the Ark, and I Smote the Worshipers of the false god Dagon

I Am He Who Spoke to Samuel and Through Samuel, Though My People Ignored Him

I Am He Who Gave Israel an Earthly King, Complete with Sin and Disobedience

I Am the Restorer of All Kingdoms, as I Am the Word

I Am Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Restorer of the Vine


1 Samuel 8: 7/  The Holy Bible/ NIV/ Bible Hub

Ruth 4:  13/ The Holy Bible/ NIV/ Bible Gateway