I Am God Who Formed Thee

I Am the God of Jeshurun

I Am the Rock, Who Formed Thee, Whom You Have Forgotten

I Am He Who Allowed My Chosen People to Wax Fat

I Am Angered When My People Worship False gods

I Am God, and I Alone Provide Redemption Through the Rock

I Am God

I Am the Rock

I Am the Father

I Am the Father of the Rock That is Part of Me

I Am Father, Son,  and Holy Spirit

I Am Father of The Word, The Rock That Was With Me in the Beginning

I Am the Kindler of the Fire of Enemy Nations

I Am He Who Raises Up Enemies Against My People Who Forsake Me

I Am the Bringer of Wrath, But Redeem Those Who Cry Out to Me

I Am the Conqueror of Anyone Who Brings Injustice to Those Who Love Me

I Am the Rewarder to Those Who Hate Me, But the Reward is Not Desirable

I Am Your Refuge, Jeshurun

I Am Eternal.

I Am He Who Led You into the Land of Canaan

I Am He Who Will Reign in the New Jerusalem


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I Am the God of Restoration

I Am God Who Scattered Israel and Judah throughout the World for Their Iniquity

I Am the God of Restoration and Have Regathered My People in the Land of Canaan

I Am God and Allow Restoration through Repentance

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Jonathan Cahn- Hope of the World

I Am the Giver of Mercy to Judah Because King Josiah Sought My Face


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I Am the Lamb Without Blemish

I Am Holy, and Without Blemish

I Am the Lamb Who Was Slain

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Jason Whitfield

I Am the Word

I Am Truth

I Am the Lamb Without Blemish Who Bears the Consequences for the Remorseful Sinner

I Am the Giver of the Call to Duty to Reprove Your Brother in Love

I Am Requiring the Boldness of  Rebuke with a Loving Spirit to Aid Cleansing from Sin


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I Am Holy

I Am the God of Moses, Aaron, and the Levites

I Am the Merciful Redeemer of the Sinful Who Seek My Face

I Am the Lamb Who Is Atonement for the Repentant Sinner

I Am the Eternal Redeemer of Those Who Embrace My Holiness

I Am the Condemner of Those Who Call “Lord, Lord!”, But Embrace Iniquity


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I Am the Sender of Plagues

I Am the God of the Law

I Am He Who Waxed Hot as My People Worshiped the Golden Calf

I Am God, and Allowed Moses to Cool My Anger

I Am He Who Sent Plagues Against Worshipers of the Golden Calf

I Am He Who Refuses to Be in the Midst of a Stiffnecked People

I Am the Granter of the Promised Land to the Remnant

I Am the Granter of Atonement to the Followers of the Lamb

I Am the Lamb Whose Blood Washes Away All Iniquity



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America: A Shining City on a Hill

As a new morning has dawned in America, and the opportunity to turn towards God’s righteousness has been given our nation, it is now that the people of the United States must hold our conservative leaders accountable for following Godly principles.  It is a perfect time to stare  back in time to one of America’s greatest presidents, who is a modern measuring stick for governing according to Christian principles.

Uploaded to You Tube by 2Corinthians317

In the fifth chapter of Matthew, verse 14 tells us:

“You are the light of the world– like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

As individuals, we are to let both the love and righteousness of Christ shine in our everyday lives. As a nation, we are to both choose Godly leaders and hold them accountable to adhering to principles that honor the Lord in governance of our localities, states, and nation. Hopefully, a more Godly electorate will soon take office, but the change in the makeup of the government is merely a start. True change will take place in America only if members of Christ’s church reflect both His righteousness and love. Perhaps this election is an opportunity given to America much akin to that given to Ninevah when Jonah prophesied to them, their leader repented along with the people and God spared them.  America’s people have voted for change.  Hopefully, that change will involve repentance and a move towards the righteousness of Jesus, the Original Light.  The election of Donald Trump along with maintaining a Republican majority of both houses of Congress should provide an opportunity to move our nation towards repudiation of wickedness.  Time will tell as to whether or not this opportunity will be squandered by Donald Trump and congressional Republicans.



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American Church Needs Heart Surgery

Editors Note:  The following article is in first person as the editor tells the story through his own eyes.  The sequence of events reveal a disturbing rash of problems that are festering within our society, our higher education systems, and our public education systems, and it can all be traced back to the failure of pastors and church members to have both their actions and world views actually line up with what they profess to be following in God’s Holy Word while they are seated in the pews or standing behind the pulpit in their customary House of Worship.

On June the 28th, I, Shayn Wallace Roby, published my first book, The Original Light:  The Great I Am.  The book addresses the pursuit of God in our lives.  Soon thereafter, a Cumberland Presbyterian minister and long-time friend of mine, and fellow Bethel College (now Bethel University) alumnus,


Perryn Rice put a post on Facebook that addressed racism and the Black Lives Matter movement that was powerful, peaceful, and made good sense.   However, Perryn also placed a comment on Facebook talking about how Barack Obama’s speech at the DNC was inspiring that buffaloed his credibility on the issue.  Perryn was offended by  discussion within the threads of his post when I stated the obvious:

Action by Barack Obama, such as inviting the Council of La Raza to the White House lies among the most divisive in history.  

Mr. Rice publicly defended the actions of the Council of La Raza and the New Black Panther Party while at the same time saying that he was promoting “unity”.  A few  other so-called Christians failed to call Mr. Rice out on his bigotry regarding the matter.  “La Raza” means THE RACE in Spanish.  I explained to Mr. Rice that racism comes in any color, and is not just heaped upon the so-called “class of the oppressed” by the group of people that has control over them, according to the Marxist based opinions of left wing theologians.  (Imagine if George W. Bush had invited the Ku Klux Klan to the White House and said, “I’m pleased to address THE RACE,  THE WHITE PEOPLE!”, but Barack Obama got away with doing the same thing. The only difference is that they use a Spanish name instead of an English name.  Racism is racism under any title!!)  Mr. Rice went out of his way to cast conservatives as the root cause for racial tension in this nation, even though evidence clearly and repeatedly shows that people are being manipulated by the media to start racially based rioting against the so-called racist police forces that these race baiting lovers of lawlessness recklessly refer to as perpetrators of brutality without ever bothering to investigate the actual facts of almost any case..  Thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin committed criminal and/ or provocative acts that endangered the lives of others and lost their lives due to their disregard for the law, and for their inability to maintain a minimum standard of normal human behavior.   Mr. Rice is under the illusion that these criminals were somehow stalked by police because of the color of their skin, instead of having the courage and the wisdom to recognize that their erratic and mostly criminal behavior was the chief factor in fostering the environment for the loss of  life.

I also told Mr. Rice in private, that if indeed he was truly concerned about the loss of life among minorities that he had best NOT DARE to stand in front of his congregation at Lake Highlands Cumberland Presbyterian Church and proclaim that God told them to vote for Hillary Clinton, because if he did so, that it was apparent that he did not serve the same God as I do.  I explained to him that there was something wrong with him if he could look me in the eye and say that Jesus wanted all Americans to vote for the largest promoter of The American Holocaust that has been going on since the ruling on the Roe vs. Wade case by the United States Supreme Court since 1973, because the God I serve would NEVER do that.   I reminded him that Mrs. Clinton held racist and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger in the highest esteem, and that she is in effect one of lawmakers who must assume de facto responsibility for slaughtering more black children in the last few years, than the Ku Klux Klan did since it’s founding.  Perryn also wasn’t very happy that I pointed out the obvious truth:  Both the Ku Klux Klan and Planned Parenthood were founded by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  Mr. Rice, proceeded to tell me that I was “Out there” (Being out there with GOD is better than being IN THERE with SATAN, just saying.) and then decided to un-friend me on Facebook.  That’s his prerogative.  What is NOT his God given right though, is to rewrite history to his liking.  He is also sadly mistaken if he thinks that continuing to spew such vile racially divisive rhetoric will go unchallenged in the public arena, no matter how many members of the sinfully liberal (but less sinful than the Presbyterian USA Church) Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and alumni of its sole, tarnished flagship university, Bethel University, or any other “secret agent” Christians and Luciferian allies decide to come to his defense.  It’s too bad that Mr. Rice couldn’t bring himself to see that the very people who founded the KKK and Planned Parenthood, and support racism towards conservative Americans of color and Caucasian Americans like the National Council for La Raza, are the very same people who have a vested interest in making people of color think that they (Democrats) are not the same old slave masters that they have always been.  Blind sellouts from the pulpit to lawmakers and other publicly elected officials whom publicly declare support for Planned Parenthood are EXHIBIT A for why some of our churches are fostering a culture of death, and need drastic heart surgery.  The stench and smell of the left wing culture of death is putrid within these institutions.  It’s time for people to expose these racists who lack the either the intellectual honesty or capacity to equate apples with apples (Kind of like with La Raza, the Ku Klux Klan or the New Black Panthers, that ALL happen to be hate groups) to spew their rhetoric and then run for cover. (“You don’t have the right to be honest about my racism against white people because, I’m BLACK.”)


On Sunday July 31, I attended the morning service at Elk Creek Baptist Church  in Stewart County  because my nephew was being baptized there. (I normally attend Long Creek Church of the Nazarene near Dover.)  He (my teen-age nephew) attends Elk Creek Baptist with his mother, and her parents.  While at the church service, the Pastor Darrel Porche preached a spot on sermon about being God’s Light.  I was so amazed at what the minister had said in his message, that when one of my lifelong friends asked to purchase my book and refused to let me give him ten dollars in change for the twenty dollar bill that he gave me, I felt moved to give complementary copy of The Original Light to the Good Reverend.  Present at that service in the choir, and standing right out side of the fresh, cool waters of Elk Creek for the witnessing of a baptism was none other than the former Houston County school board chairman .  On Tuesday,  August 2nd,  this so-called upstanding member of the community was arrested for sexual battery by an authority figure, sexual exploitation of a minor by an authority figure and solicitation of a minor by an authority figure,  committed with a minor ( The acts were presumably consensual but an offense under Tennessee statutory law, as it became apparent that relations were taking place between the youngster in question and a teacher employed at Houston County High School.) who is a freshman at Houston County High School. Unfortunately, the minor “victim” was also allegedly involved in sexual conduct with Richard Tyson, a Houston County High School history teacher, whom is also facing the same charges for his inappropriate conduct with the minor.  According to WSMV-TV-4 in Nashville, Tyson had also been a teacher at Stewart County High School prior to working in Houston County.  Sadly, it appears that these adults have allowed themselves to be taken as oxen to the slaughter as the 7th Chapter of the Book of Proverbs warns us.  The sad thing is that apparently Mr. School Board and Choir Member and the minor with the overactive libido allegedly met at church.  Apparently, the accused minor mistress and the choir and board member weren’t listening to the pastor’s spot on sermon about letting the Light of Christ shine like a city on a hill.  Their deception has left a Godly, church going woman and her children and grandchildren with a torn heart and a sense of betrayal that is beyond comprehension.  The entire fabric of the communities that border both Houston and Stewart counties has been shaken, and this scandal makes a MOCKERY out of the “Character Counts” program (I’m all for the program, but let’s stop letting a pedophile hand out every diploma for the last generation and then pretend that the program has produced the desired fruit, unless it’s the fruit of passion which was sought.) propaganda peddled by local government officials, dignitaries, and educational administrators in Houston County.

Pastor Porche’s sermon apparently not only fell on deaf ears of the perceived minor homewrecker and the upstanding school board member, but more than likely on the choir director as well.  He routinely votes for pro-abortion candidates in every election cycle, and will tell you that it doesn’t bother him.   I couldn’t help but think to myself that anyone who consistently enables abortion to take place by voting pro-infanticide Democrat (the choir director indeed does this) is indeed on team Lucifer.  It occurred to me that God is in every church service, and so is Satan as the spiritual warfare is a non-stop affair (no pun intended).  Elk Creek Baptist Church is a congregation where people love Jesus, but a couple of bad apples (especially in a position of authority) can make the entire basket of spiritual fruit appear to be rotten.  The problem is often that the Christians on Sunday are the most sinful on Monday through Saturday, (and even on Sunday apparently if there is a hidden, vacant room in the church).  Christians can’t expect to combat the liberal, Satanic agendas of the Marxist, and Godless oriented National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers, when children aren’t supervised closely enough to be caught engaging in sexual relationships that are allegedly going on for a couple of years, and when choir members who also happen to be sitting on a local school board have both a marital infidelity and pedophilia problem.

On Thursday, August 4th I went to Vanderbilt Medical Center to undergo aortic root valve repair surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  The surgery was successful.  The Great Physician used the skilled hands of the surgeon to repair years on physical toll on my heart that occurred due to my reckless, sinful lifestyle.  Although my walk with the Lord has been back in place for about eight years now and my sins are all washed by the Blood of Jesus, I failed to follow the path set for us by Christ for us to follow for a number of years before then and was a patron of many businesses that offered the view of a neon moon.  I sat in teachers’ lounges with public school educators who were Marxists/ Communists in Southern California, and were proud to tell me that they were, and would openly mock the Lord.   Although I disagreed with what they had to say, I really couldn’t counter with anything of substance, because I lived like a hoodlum as well, even though I believed in Christ.

On Monday, August 5, I was released from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.   By Thursday afternoon, August 11, I  experienced more oxygen in my lungs than I have in years.  It was combined with my body being filled by the Holy Spirit.  I actually felt like I was on heavy drugs even though I haven’t used any painkillers besides Tylenol since Monday after I got home.  I did use one oxycodone/ acetominophen tablet on Monday on the way home, but just understood that the body is able to heal more quickly when the use of painkillers is held to a minimum, so I’ve done my best to rely on taking each breath with Jesus sitting right by my side.  I said that God is a God of healing in The Original Light, and indeed He is.  Not only did Jesus, the Great Physician give me physical healing, but spiritual healing as well.  I know what it is to be sinner.  The Word tells us that all have sinned and have fallen short of the Glory of God, though we have been made flawless if we repent of our actions.

Now just in case one might have thought this were a political rant to bash Democrats, it’s not. Although it’s true that party is about ninety nine percent morally bankrupt, more than half of the Republican Party is basically in the same moral boat, so to speak.  This article is a rant about following Jesus, and prompting God to do what he promised in the 2nd Book of Chronicles in the 7th Chapter.  Unfortunately, the truth is that just as I had to have the trash cleaned out of my aortic valve, so must the chambers and valves of the heart of the church be scraped clean as well.  There is room for sinners in the church, as long as the those supposedly already saved by God’s Grace aren’t enticing the sinners to sin rather encouraging them to follow the righteous path of The Original Light. 

The most secular Americans will never come to putting stock in Christian values when those who claim to follow Christ can’t give them a living example of The Original Light from which to draw a vicarious experience.  The people in the church can’t expect the non-believers to change if their daily lives are no different from anyone else.  For pastors who preach the gospel in church, but who vote for the American Holocaust and encourage their congregations to do the same, they will indeed be held accountable in a negative way by Almighty God for their complacency every bit as much as the citizens of Europe whom through passive indifference and cowardice, allowed the Jewish people to almost be exterminated throughout their continent will.  For those who are currently living the double agent life, one way on Sunday (Perhaps not at Elk Creek Baptist, for it is unknown as to whether the alleged acts of sexual immorality took place on the church grounds or somewhere else.), another way for the rest of the week; It’s apparent that the culture war with the Godless left wing spreaders of the separation of Church and State myth (Tell me what page that is found in the American Constitution.) is unwinnable when so-called Christians are unable to follow God’s basic instructions of human conduct.  It’s apparent that a church with just four or five members that faithfully digests and lives the Word daily is much more capable of being a lightning rod for change than a large church that is spreading it’s sickening, watered down version of the Gospel throughout our local American communities.  These lukewarm churches drastically need their hearts to be repaired, so that the fresh oxygen of righteousness can light a fire throughout the arteries of our nation that will redirect America to its original Godly course on which She first was set slightly prior to July 4, 1776.  I’m sitting here writing this after having the same thing done to my body and heart.  God gave me a reset opportunity on my life.  Perhaps for others, and for The Church as a whole, the spiritual heart surgery will take place as well.  I believe there is hope for the accused adolescent adulteress (Or refer to her as a”victim” if you  will to do so). who has been both allegedly adulterous and sexually promiscuous who attends Elk Creek Baptist Church.  I believe there is hope for its choir leader for whom abortion seems to be no big deal.   I believe there is hope for Perryn Rice and his church in Texas.  I believe there is hope for the public school system in Houston County, Tennessee, and for the so-called institution of higher learning at Bethel University in McKenzie, Tennessee.   Hope for change (not Obama’s kind) is possible, but only through strict adherence to God’s proclaimed standards for righteousness will this occur.  I believe there is hope for all of these people and institutions, but it will occur only through a surgery of the heart that requires painful recovery before things get a lot better.  I can tell you that from firsthand experience.  The valve on  which I had the medical procedure performed must be called the aorta for a reason:    They orta (intentionally misspelled) just go ahead and kill you when they do it (the procedure).

I know that many will be offended by this article.  Generally, the people who will take offense though, are angry because they enjoy their prejudices and refuse to use intellectual honesty to examine them.  Like I said, it’s kind of hard to tout the racial unity of America with a straight face when you’re even stupid enough to have an official visit by LA RAZA:   THE RACE documented on WhiteHouse.gov for everyone to see.  And yes, I will say it. YOU ARE EVEN DUMBER THAN BARACK OBAMA if you tout him for being racially harmonious when he has done the moral equivalent of what DEMOCRAT Woodrow Wilson did.  He played the movie inspired by the Ku Klux Klan, “The Birth of a Nation” in the White House theater in 1915.  You know, he was the same Woodrow Wilson who RE-SEGREGATED THE MILITARY.  Sexual immorality and deception are an abomination in the sight of the Lord. The only way “America Will EVER Be Great Again” has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, nor with Donald Trump, but with whether CHRISTIANS across America undergo painfully honest heart surgery and accept the pain that goes along with it to the best of their ability.  Spiritual heart surgery requires all of the spiritual plaque: prejudices, pet falsehoods, and sinful practices to be taken out of the inside of spiritual circulatory systems.  After that, the pain that comes from the injury of opening up the rotten cavity must be allowed to heal.  It doesn’t take place overnight, but like I said, I still hold hope out for everyone that I mentioned in this article.  I didn’t print anything that I wouldn’t say to your face right in the middle of church if you were to actually be enough of a bonehead to bring it up in front of everyone to hear.  Truth is truth, and sometimes the process that sets you free involves  the agony of enduring intense pain.


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