I Am God of David, Solomon, Jerusalem

I Am, Was, and Will Be The Preserver of David

I Am  Pestilence for the Wicked

I Am Mercy and Stay Anger Directed at the Disobedient

I Am Pleased by the Honesty of Humility and Repentance

I Am God of the Threshing Floor of Ornan the Jebusite

I Am the God of Solomon Who Built My Temple

I Am God of Jerusalem and the Vine of Judah and Israel

I Am Jesus, and My Blood Gives Mercy to My Branches


I Chronicles 21: 15 / The Holy Bible KJV/

II Chronicles 3:1/ The Holy Bible- KJV/ Bible Gateway




I Am El Shaddai, I Am Yahweh

I Am El Shaddai

I Am the “God of the Mountain”

I Am the “God of the Plains”

I Am the “God of the Valley”

I Am the “God of the Oceans and Rivers”

I Am Jesus Who Told the Wind and Waters, “BE STILL!”

I Am YHWH,  Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh

I Am God Over Judah

I Am God Over Israel

I Am God Over Syria, Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia

I Am God Over the United Nations

I Am God Over Egypt and Allowed Pharaoh-nechoh to Send Josiah to Me

I Am Righteousness and I Am Mercy

I Am Wrath When Mercy Is Taken for Granted

I Am God of the Passover

I Am the God of the Covenant

I Am the New Covenant, the Blood of the Lamb



II Kings 23/ The Holy Bible, New International Version/ Bible Gateway

Hebrews 8: 6-13/ Bible.org

I Am the Supreme Dealer of Justice

I Am the Sender of Rain from Heaven when You Hearken Unto My Commandments

I Send the Rain and Grow the Grass in Your Fields

I Am the Granter of the Promised Land to Those Who Walk in All My Ways

I Am He Who Blesses Those Who Obey Me and Who Curses Those Who Do Not

I Am He Who Abhors the Worship of False gods in Your Nation

I Am the Granter of Blessings to Those Who Care for My Shepherds

I Am God and I Speak Through My Prophets

I Am the Only God, and Those Who Worship False gods Are Demonic

I Am the Granter of All Blessings, Your Breath, Your Food, Your Health

I Am He Who Honors Giving Unto Me with a Cheerful Heart

I Am the Respecter of No Individual Due to His or Her Socioeconomic Status

I Am Justice, Peace, and Righteousness

I Am He Who Commands Government Leaders to Honor My Laws

I Am the Deliverer of the Righteous, but Turn Away from Those Who Embrace Sin

I Am the Destroyer of Those Who Repeatedly Refuse to Submit to My Will

I Am the Redeemer of Those Who Repent through the Blood of My Lamb



Belial/ Occultopedia

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I Am Redeemed/ Big Daddy Weave/ BDWmusic via You Tube



I Am Life

I Am Life.

I Am God, and I Sent Plagues on Pharaoh, Who Sinned Against My People

I Am Holy, and Sent Plagues on the Unrighteous Among My Own People

I Am Elohim

I Am “Ehyeh asher Ehyeh”.

I Am Yih’weh, “The One Who Exists”, “The One Who Is”

I Am the Lamb Without Blemish

I Am the Scapegoat for Atonement

I Am the Lamb Who Conquered Sin For Those Who Love Me


Jeff A. Benner/ You Tube

Elohim/ Theopedia

How to say “Life” in Greek/ Google Search Engine
Note*: (ZOI or “Life” in Greek , sounds like “Soy” or “I Am” in Spanish, the modern language closest to what Roman soldiers spoke.)

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Stephen Nielsen/ Studying Bible Prophecy

Kingdom777 dot WordPress via EJ Nuno/ Twitter


I Am YHWH and Created the Universe

I Am “AL ILAH” and Forbid Worship of the moon idol “Allah”

I Am the Word

I Am With God

I Am God

I Am the God of Moses, Aaron, and the Levites


Image credit:  Biblical Foundations

I Am the God of Ithamar and Merari

I Am the God of Gershon and Kohath

I Am the Provider of the Lamb for Sacrifice

I Am Abhorrent of Sin, But Also Wash It Away

I Am God of Judah, Joseph, and all of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

I Am the Suffering Servant

I Am the Giver of Freedom, Even to Those Who Remain in Chains

I Am the Breaker of the Bondage and Slavery of Sin and Death

I Am the God of the Passover, Who Spared Houses Marked with Blood of the Lamb

I Am God for Foreigners in Strange Lands, if They Honor My Word

I Am Jesus, the Lamb of God

(H/T: Got Questions? dot org )


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I Am the Lamb Without Blemish

I Am Holy, and Without Blemish

I Am the Lamb Who Was Slain

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Jason Whitfield

I Am the Word

I Am Truth

I Am the Lamb Without Blemish Who Bears the Consequences for the Remorseful Sinner

I Am the Giver of the Call to Duty to Reprove Your Brother in Love

I Am Requiring the Boldness of  Rebuke with a Loving Spirit to Aid Cleansing from Sin


Revelation Song/ Jason Whitfield via You Tube

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Duty of Reproving Our Neighbor/ John Wesley

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I Am God of the Tabernacle

I Am God of the Tabernacle

I Am Righteous and Require a Price to be Paid for Sin

I Am He Who Required The Tabernacle to be Anointed with Oil

I Am He Who Anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit

I Am the Son, The Lamb Whose Blood Paid the Price for Sin

I Am the Holy Spirit, and Your Body is My Temple


Exodus 40: 2/ NIV/ BibleStudyTools.com

1 Corinthians 6:19/ NIV/ BibleHub.com