I Am Lord Over the House of David

I Am Who Spoke to David through my prophet, Nathan

I Am Justice and Allowed David’s Deception to Fall on His House

I Am Redemption and My Grace Has Fallen on David’s House As Well

I Am the Lion of Judah, Who Will Establish My Kingdom and Feed My Lambs


Lion of the Tribe of Judah/ Bible.Knowing-Jesus dot com


I Am the Almighty God of Judah

I Am Who Chose David from Among the Sons of Jesse

I Am the God of Obed and Ruth

I Am the Deliverer of Ahinoam and Abigail, as I Heard the Cries of My People

I Am the the Strength of Samson

I Am the Peaceful Psalm and Military Genius of David

I Am the Wisdom of  Solomon

I Am King of Kings, and Israel and Judah are My People

I Am the Word, and Became Flesh in the City of David

I Am Ruler Over the New Jerusalem



1 Samuel 30: 4-6/  The Holy Bible/ KJV/  Bible Gateway


I Am God of Those Who Seek Me

I Am the God of Abraham

I Am the God of Ruth, Who Rejected the false gods of her people

I Am the Lord Over Bethlehem, where Ruth Returned with Naomi

I Am the Restorer of All Who Seek Me as I Tied Ruth of Moab into My Vine

I Am Lord Over Boaz, Whom I Blessed with Obed

I Am God of My Servant David, Son of Jesse, Son of Obed, Whose Mother was Ruth

I Am the Restorer of Israel, and of all Sojourners Who Seek My Face

I Am the Hearer of those Who Cry Out to Me, as I Honored Hannah’s Prayer

I Am God of the Ark, and I Smote the Worshipers of the false god Dagon

I Am He Who Spoke to Samuel and Through Samuel, Though My People Ignored Him

I Am He Who Gave Israel an Earthly King, Complete with Sin and Disobedience

I Am the Restorer of All Kingdoms, as I Am the Word

I Am Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Restorer of the Vine


1 Samuel 8: 7/  The Holy Bible/ NIV/ Bible Hub

Ruth 4:  13/ The Holy Bible/ NIV/ Bible Gateway


I Am God of the Judges of Israel

I Am God of My People Whom I Lifted Up out of Egypt

I Am God of Those Who Honored Me in Canaan

I Am God Over Those Who Worshiped Idols and Demons in Canaan

I Am the Conqueror of Shechem and Abimelech

I Am He Who Raised Up Jephthah the Gileadite Who Pledged His Daughter to Me

I Am the Deliverer of My People from the Ammonites

I Am God and Was With Jephthah Against the Rebellious Seed of Ephraim

I Am the Lord and I Sent My Angel to Manoah and His Wife

I Am the Deliverer of My People Israel from the Philistines

I Am the God of Samson and Made Him Mighty

I Am the Giver of Streams of Living Water

I Am He Who Allowed Samson to Fall Due to His Disobedience

I Am He Who Strengthened Samson Against the Worshipers of Dagon

I Am the Redeemer of the Fallen, Who Cry Out to Me from Their Sin



Judges 16: 23-31/ KJV/ Bible Study Tools




I Am God Who Formed Thee

I Am the God of Jeshurun

I Am the Rock, Who Formed Thee, Whom You Have Forgotten

I Am He Who Allowed My Chosen People to Wax Fat

I Am Angered When My People Worship False gods

I Am God, and I Alone Provide Redemption Through the Rock

I Am God

I Am the Rock

I Am the Father

I Am the Father of the Rock That is Part of Me

I Am Father, Son,  and Holy Spirit

I Am Father of The Word, The Rock That Was With Me in the Beginning

I Am the Kindler of the Fire of Enemy Nations

I Am He Who Raises Up Enemies Against My People Who Forsake Me

I Am the Bringer of Wrath, But Redeem Those Who Cry Out to Me

I Am the Conqueror of Anyone Who Brings Injustice to Those Who Love Me

I Am the Rewarder to Those Who Hate Me, But the Reward is Not Desirable

I Am Your Refuge, Jeshurun

I Am Eternal.

I Am He Who Led You into the Land of Canaan

I Am He Who Will Reign in the New Jerusalem


Deuteronomy 32: 18/ Geneva Study Bible-  BibleHub

John 1: 1/ Bible Gateway

I Am the Supreme Dealer of Justice

I Am the Sender of Rain from Heaven when You Hearken Unto My Commandments

I Send the Rain and Grow the Grass in Your Fields

I Am the Granter of the Promised Land to Those Who Walk in All My Ways

I Am He Who Blesses Those Who Obey Me and Who Curses Those Who Do Not

I Am He Who Abhors the Worship of False gods in Your Nation

I Am the Granter of Blessings to Those Who Care for My Shepherds

I Am God and I Speak Through My Prophets

I Am the Only God, and Those Who Worship False gods Are Demonic

I Am the Granter of All Blessings, Your Breath, Your Food, Your Health

I Am He Who Honors Giving Unto Me with a Cheerful Heart

I Am the Respecter of No Individual Due to His or Her Socioeconomic Status

I Am Justice, Peace, and Righteousness

I Am He Who Commands Government Leaders to Honor My Laws

I Am the Deliverer of the Righteous, but Turn Away from Those Who Embrace Sin

I Am the Destroyer of Those Who Repeatedly Refuse to Submit to My Will

I Am the Redeemer of Those Who Repent through the Blood of My Lamb



Belial/ Occultopedia

Deuteronomy 13: 13/ The Holy Bible KJV/ Bible Gateway

1 Peter 1: 19/ The Holy Bible- Multiple Translations/ Bible Hub

I Am Redeemed/ Big Daddy Weave/ BDWmusic via You Tube



I Am the God of Jubilee

I Am the God of My Chosen People

I Am the Source of Compassion

I Am the God of Jubilee and Generosity

I Am Righteous and Esteem Purity and Obedience Among My People

I Am a Jealous God, and Intolerant of Those Who Worship False gods

I Am the Breaker of Bondage, with Authority Over Sin and the Wicked

I Am Who Responds to the Cries of the Oppressed Who Truly Seek Me

I Am God of the Authoritative∗  Scriptures


Deuteronomy 14 & 15/ The Holy Bible-KJV/ Bible Gateway

∗-Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ, Zondervan, 1998, pgs 72-73