I Am Merciful to a Stiffnecked People

I Am a Jealous God

I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel

I Am the God of Lot and Esau

I Am the God of the Laws Given to Moses

I Am the Destroyer of the Worshipers of false gods

I Am Abhorrent of the Wickedness of Sin and Iniquity

I Am the Keeper of My Covenant With Those Who Love Me

I Am Merciful, Even to a Stiffnecked People

I Am the Giver of Ambition for the Righteous Who Prosper

I Am the Redeemer of Those in Bondage

I Am the Breaker of Chains for Those Who Will Receive Me

I Am the Giver of Comfort to Those Who Cry Out to Me

I Am the God of Plenty for Those Who Honor My Commandments

I Am Angered at Those Who Waver in Their Trust in Me



Deuteronomy 7: 8

Deuteronomy 7:9 and 9: 23/ The Holy Bible- NIV/ Bible Gateway

Zach Williams/ VEVO via You Tube


I Am the God of Atonement

I Am God of Both the Rich and the Poor

I Am the God of Israel, Who Brought Them Out of Egypt

I Am God of All Nations

I Am the God of Righteousness

I Am the Lamb, Whose Blood Wiped All Sin Away

I Am the God of Judgement

I Am the God of Redemption

I Am Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

I Am an Advocate for Those Who Honor Me

I Am an Enemy to Those Who Worship False gods



Exodus 23:  22-24/ Bible Gateway

I Am the Source of The Law, I Am the Living Word

I Am the Source of the Law

I Am the Way, The Truth, The Life

I Am the Living Word

I Am the Only God

I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End

I Am the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit

I Am Yahweh, Jehovah, Emmanuel, Yeshua, Jesus

I Am the Giver of Grace and Mercy

I Am the Sword for those Who Take My Mercy for Granted

I Am the One Who Suffered, Bled, and Died for Your Sin

I Am the Maker of the Covenant with Israel

I Am the Builder of the New Jerusalem

I Am the One You Can Hold On to During the Middle of the Storms of Life



Exodus 20/ The Holy Bible- NIV Version, Bible Gateway

CrowderVevo via You Tube


I Am The God Who Blesses Israel

I Am He Who Appeared in Front of Isaac

I Am The God of Jacob, Whom I appeared to in a Dream

I Am the Keeper of the Covenant with Jacob, Whom I Call Israel

I Am the One with Whom Jacob Wrestled

I Am the Restorer of Relationships, As I Restored the Brotherhood of Israel and Esau

I Am the God of Grace, Mercy, and Strength


I Am God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel

I Am God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel

I Am He Who Provided the Ram for Sacrifice instead of Isaac

I Am the Provider of Jesus, The Lamb as Sacrifice for All Sin as well

I Am the Cleanser of All Sin by the Power of the Blood of the Lamb

I Am the God of Melchizedek, High Priest and King of Salem

I Am the Father of Jesus, Whom Like Melchizedek, is High Priest and King

I Am He Who Said that the Children of Ishmael and Esau Would Serve the Sons of Israel

I Am He Who Honors the Blessing and Birthright of Israel

I Am the God of the New Jerusalem that Is to Come


(H/T: Gavin Finley, MD/ EndTimePilgrim.org)




Church Members Are Citizens Serving Under the Heavenly King

On July 27, 2012, the editor of this publication was fortunate enough to be present at the Under God, Indivisible Leadership Conference and heard Dr. Tony Evans speak profoundly about the spiritual ailments of America (The conference was a monumental event in the life of the editor.). He advised that spiritual problems would not be solved with political solutions, and that the answer to America’s problem would be found in God’s House, and not in the White House, nor on Air Force One.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Tony Evans

About a week ago, Dr. Evans so wisely pointed out that our problems must be addressed by going to the Lord in prayer. He pointed out that the political bickering that has so severely divided our nation is a result of “picking at the fruit” rather than “going to the root” of the problem. The root of all of our problems is the failure of Christians to live Godly lives and a tendency to not be in a constant prayerful mindset. He pointed out that the un-Christlike attitude that results from such a pattern of behavior is not representative of what citizens of Christ’s Kingdom should be showing to the rest of the world.


Dr. Tony Evans/ You Tube via Facebook


Under God Indivisible/ LifeToday