I Am God to Those Who Follow Me

I Am the God of Caleb and of the Tribe of Judah

I Am the God of Joshua and of the Tribe of Ephraim

I Am the God of Amram and Jochebed

I Am the Keeper of the Covenant with My People

I Am the New Covenant through the Blood of My Lamb; So That All Who Love Me Live

I Am the God of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses

I Am God, Giving Life to Those Who Hear My Voice and Follow Me

I Am One and the Same with Yeshua, Who Is the Gateway Into Eternal Life



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I Am YHWH and Created the Universe

I Am “AL ILAH” and Forbid Worship of the moon idol “Allah”

I Am the Word

I Am With God

I Am God

I Am the God of Moses, Aaron, and the Levites


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I Am the God of Ithamar and Merari

I Am the God of Gershon and Kohath

I Am the Provider of the Lamb for Sacrifice

I Am Abhorrent of Sin, But Also Wash It Away

I Am God of Judah, Joseph, and all of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

I Am the Suffering Servant

I Am the Giver of Freedom, Even to Those Who Remain in Chains

I Am the Breaker of the Bondage and Slavery of Sin and Death

I Am the God of the Passover, Who Spared Houses Marked with Blood of the Lamb

I Am God for Foreigners in Strange Lands, if They Honor My Word

I Am Jesus, the Lamb of God

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I Am the God of Restoration

I Am God Who Scattered Israel and Judah throughout the World for Their Iniquity

I Am the God of Restoration and Have Regathered My People in the Land of Canaan

I Am God and Allow Restoration through Repentance

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Jonathan Cahn- Hope of the World

I Am the Giver of Mercy to Judah Because King Josiah Sought My Face


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I Am the Lamb Without Blemish

I Am Holy, and Without Blemish

I Am the Lamb Who Was Slain

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Jason Whitfield

I Am the Word

I Am Truth

I Am the Lamb Without Blemish Who Bears the Consequences for the Remorseful Sinner

I Am the Giver of the Call to Duty to Reprove Your Brother in Love

I Am Requiring the Boldness of  Rebuke with a Loving Spirit to Aid Cleansing from Sin


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I Am God: Greater Than All Sin and Sickness

I Am God, and the Only One Who is Truly Righteous

I Am the Creator of the Heavens, the Earth, and All Living Things

I Am the One Who Allowed Man to Reap the Wages of His Sin

I Am the Lamb Who Took Upon the Sins of Those Who Repent

I Am Both the Sacrificed Bird and the Bird Set Free Who Cleanses Your Heart

I Am the Healer of All Pain Resulting from Original and Individual Sin

I Am the Bearer of Your Suffering:  By My Stripes You Are Healed



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I Am Holy

I Am the God of Moses, Aaron, and the Levites

I Am the Merciful Redeemer of the Sinful Who Seek My Face

I Am the Lamb Who Is Atonement for the Repentant Sinner

I Am the Eternal Redeemer of Those Who Embrace My Holiness

I Am the Condemner of Those Who Call “Lord, Lord!”, But Embrace Iniquity


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I Am God of the Tabernacle

I Am God of the Tabernacle

I Am Righteous and Require a Price to be Paid for Sin

I Am He Who Required The Tabernacle to be Anointed with Oil

I Am He Who Anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit

I Am the Son, The Lamb Whose Blood Paid the Price for Sin

I Am the Holy Spirit, and Your Body is My Temple


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