I Am Your Strength

I Am Your Strength and through Me, You can do all things

I Am Mightier than All Earthly Weaponry

I Am the Creator of the Strong Nuclear Force

I Am with You, and You Should Not Fear

I Am Profound Knowledge, I Am the Word

I Am God, Be of Good Courage

I Am Your Hope and Your Future

I Am the God of Jehoshaphat, Elijah, and Elisha

I Am the Lion of Judah


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Strong Nuclear Force/ Aether.LBL.gov



I Am Lord Over the House of David

I Am Who Spoke to David through my prophet, Nathan

I Am Justice and Allowed David’s Deception to Fall on His House

I Am Redemption and My Grace Has Fallen on David’s House As Well

I Am the Lion of Judah, Who Will Establish My Kingdom and Feed My Lambs


Lion of the Tribe of Judah/ Bible.Knowing-Jesus dot com

I Am God Who Formed Thee

I Am the God of Jeshurun

I Am the Rock, Who Formed Thee, Whom You Have Forgotten

I Am He Who Allowed My Chosen People to Wax Fat

I Am Angered When My People Worship False gods

I Am God, and I Alone Provide Redemption Through the Rock

I Am God

I Am the Rock

I Am the Father

I Am the Father of the Rock That is Part of Me

I Am Father, Son,  and Holy Spirit

I Am Father of The Word, The Rock That Was With Me in the Beginning

I Am the Kindler of the Fire of Enemy Nations

I Am He Who Raises Up Enemies Against My People Who Forsake Me

I Am the Bringer of Wrath, But Redeem Those Who Cry Out to Me

I Am the Conqueror of Anyone Who Brings Injustice to Those Who Love Me

I Am the Rewarder to Those Who Hate Me, But the Reward is Not Desirable

I Am Your Refuge, Jeshurun

I Am Eternal.

I Am He Who Led You into the Land of Canaan

I Am He Who Will Reign in the New Jerusalem


Deuteronomy 32: 18/ Geneva Study Bible-  BibleHub

John 1: 1/ Bible Gateway

I Am Merciful to a Stiffnecked People

I Am a Jealous God

I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel

I Am the God of Lot and Esau

I Am the God of the Laws Given to Moses

I Am the Destroyer of the Worshipers of false gods

I Am Abhorrent of the Wickedness of Sin and Iniquity

I Am the Keeper of My Covenant With Those Who Love Me

I Am Merciful, Even to a Stiffnecked People

I Am the Giver of Ambition for the Righteous Who Prosper

I Am the Redeemer of Those in Bondage

I Am the Breaker of Chains for Those Who Will Receive Me

I Am the Giver of Comfort to Those Who Cry Out to Me

I Am the God of Plenty for Those Who Honor My Commandments

I Am Angered at Those Who Waver in Their Trust in Me



Deuteronomy 7: 8

Deuteronomy 7:9 and 9: 23/ The Holy Bible- NIV/ Bible Gateway

Zach Williams/ VEVO via You Tube

I Am Life

I Am Life.

I Am God, and I Sent Plagues on Pharaoh, Who Sinned Against My People

I Am Holy, and Sent Plagues on the Unrighteous Among My Own People

I Am Elohim

I Am “Ehyeh asher Ehyeh”.

I Am Yih’weh, “The One Who Exists”, “The One Who Is”

I Am the Lamb Without Blemish

I Am the Scapegoat for Atonement

I Am the Lamb Who Conquered Sin For Those Who Love Me


Jeff A. Benner/ You Tube

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How to say “Life” in Greek/ Google Search Engine
Note*: (ZOI or “Life” in Greek , sounds like “Soy” or “I Am” in Spanish, the modern language closest to what Roman soldiers spoke.)

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Kingdom777 dot WordPress via EJ Nuno/ Twitter


I Am YHWH and Created the Universe

I Am “AL ILAH” and Forbid Worship of the moon idol “Allah”

I Am the Word

I Am With God

I Am God

I Am the God of Moses, Aaron, and the Levites


Image credit:  Biblical Foundations

I Am the God of Ithamar and Merari

I Am the God of Gershon and Kohath

I Am the Provider of the Lamb for Sacrifice

I Am Abhorrent of Sin, But Also Wash It Away

I Am God of Judah, Joseph, and all of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

I Am the Suffering Servant

I Am the Giver of Freedom, Even to Those Who Remain in Chains

I Am the Breaker of the Bondage and Slavery of Sin and Death

I Am the God of the Passover, Who Spared Houses Marked with Blood of the Lamb

I Am God for Foreigners in Strange Lands, if They Honor My Word

I Am Jesus, the Lamb of God

(H/T: Got Questions? dot org )


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I Am the God of Restoration

I Am God Who Scattered Israel and Judah throughout the World for Their Iniquity

I Am the God of Restoration and Have Regathered My People in the Land of Canaan

I Am God and Allow Restoration through Repentance

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Jonathan Cahn- Hope of the World

I Am the Giver of Mercy to Judah Because King Josiah Sought My Face


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