I Am the Almighty God of Judah

I Am Who Chose David from Among the Sons of Jesse

I Am the God of Obed and Ruth

I Am the Deliverer of Ahinoam and Abigail, as I Heard the Cries of My People

I Am the the Strength of Samson

I Am the Peaceful Psalm and Military Genius of David

I Am the Wisdom of  Solomon

I Am King of Kings, and Israel and Judah are My People

I Am the Word, and Became Flesh in the City of David

I Am Ruler Over the New Jerusalem



1 Samuel 30: 4-6/  The Holy Bible/ KJV/  Bible Gateway



I Am The God of Covenant

I Am the God of Covenant

I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel

I Am the Designer of Astronomical and Meteorological Signs

I Am the God of Moses, Aaron and Miriam

I Am the Granter of Israel’s Inheritance: The Promised Land of Canaan

I Am the God of Caleb, Eleazar, and Joshua

I Am He Who Blesses All That Bless My People


(H/T: Mark Blitz/ WND)


Dr. Sebastian Gorka/ Twitter

Genesis 1: 14/ The Holy Bible- KJV/ Bible Gateway

Numbers 33: 50-56  and 34: 17-19 The Holy Bible- NASB/ Bible Hub

Genesis 12: 3/ The Holy Bible- NIV/ Bibe Study Tools

I Am God Over All World Leaders

I Am the God of Jacob, Whom I renamed “Israel”

I Am the Master Planner, and Turn Deceit into Victory

I Am He Who Used the Deception and Hate of Israel’s Sons to Save Them

I Am Surety for All Sin, Just as Judah Was Surety for Benjamin

I Am God Over Israel and Placed Joseph Under Pharaoh’s Protection

I Am One Who Reveals Himself through Dreams

I Am the Redeemer of Israel, Egypt, and all Gentiles


I Am The God Who Blesses Israel

I Am He Who Appeared in Front of Isaac

I Am The God of Jacob, Whom I appeared to in a Dream

I Am the Keeper of the Covenant with Jacob, Whom I Call Israel

I Am the One with Whom Jacob Wrestled

I Am the Restorer of Relationships, As I Restored the Brotherhood of Israel and Esau

I Am the God of Grace, Mercy, and Strength



Shayn Roby’s Take: Jonathan Cahn summed up his speech at the 2012 Inaugural Prayer Breakfast when he said, “Without Truth, there is no love.” He then proceeded to lay down the Truth. He compared the plight of our nation to that of Israel when they rebelled against God. Israel received God’s judgment when they did not repent. Mr. Cahn explained that if we as a nation do not repent, then indeed the United States is likely to receive that same judgment from the Lord.


Image excerpted from You Tube Channel of Beth Israel Jonathan Cahn