I Am God to Those Who Follow Me

I Am the God of Caleb and of the Tribe of Judah

I Am the God of Joshua and of the Tribe of Ephraim

I Am the God of Amram and Jochebed

I Am the Keeper of the Covenant with My People

I Am the New Covenant through the Blood of My Lamb; So That All Who Love Me Live

I Am the God of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses

I Am God, Giving Life to Those Who Hear My Voice and Follow Me

I Am One and the Same with Yeshua, Who Is the Gateway Into Eternal Life



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Numbers 14: 38/ The Holy Bible-NIV/ Bible Gateway

John 14: 6/ The Holy Bible-KJV/ Bible Hub

Acts 4: 12/ The Holy Bible-NIV/ Bible Hub


I Am the Seeker of Your Life

I Am the One Who Died for You

I Am the One Who Struggled with Jacob

I Am He Who Sought the Life of Moses, Who Had an Uncircumcised Body and Heart

I Am the God of Mercy, Zipporah’s Circumcision of Gershom Moved Me to Spare Moses

I Am He Who Gives Plagues and Pestilence to those Who Harm My People

I Am the He Who Hears the Prayers and Cries of Those Who Love and Serve Me

I Am the One Who Either Hardens Your Heart or Molds and Forges It Through the Fires of Trials

I Am God, and Desire for You to Die Daily to Me

I Am Desirous of the Circumcision of Your Heart and the Baptism of Your Soul with My Spirit


The Holy Bible/ KJV

Steve Rodeheaver with Dennis Bratcher/ The Voice