I Am the God of Restoration

I Am God Who Scattered Israel and Judah throughout the World for Their Iniquity

I Am the God of Restoration and Have Regathered My People in the Land of Canaan

I Am God and Allow Restoration through Repentance

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Jonathan Cahn- Hope of the World

I Am the Giver of Mercy to Judah Because King Josiah Sought My Face


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The Call for the Hour (Josiah’s Widow)/ Jonathan Cahn via You Tube



Shayn Roby’s Take: Jonathan Cahn summed up his speech at the 2012 Inaugural Prayer Breakfast when he said, “Without Truth, there is no love.” He then proceeded to lay down the Truth. He compared the plight of our nation to that of Israel when they rebelled against God. Israel received God’s judgment when they did not repent. Mr. Cahn explained that if we as a nation do not repent, then indeed the United States is likely to receive that same judgment from the Lord.


Image excerpted from You Tube Channel of Beth Israel Jonathan Cahn